International Lean Six Sigma Conference 2021

Granta Centre, Cambridge, UK October 6th, 7th and 8th 2021

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This is a live ‘face-to-face’ conference (NOT online) with 16 international keynote speakers, 6 workshops and and plenty of networking opportunities.

You’ll be learning the latest techniques, tools and principles from world-class Lean Six Sigma professionals from multiple industries. They will share their experience, walk you through case studies and deliver workshops to give you a deeper understanding of Lean Six Sigma, OpEx and CI.

Not only will you learn what works, but also what mistakes to avoid and how to use Lean Six Sigma in different industries to achieve maximum results. You’ll learn the key principles and mindset necessary to make it all successful.

We’ve added plenty of networking sessions so you can meet with top level individuals from diverse industries, highly skilled professionals, decision makers, and like-minded people.