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It is with great excitement that we can announce today that the ISSP is now a registered End Point Assessor Organisation (EPAO) for the business improvement apprenticeship standards – initially being able to assess level 4 improvement practitioner, a Green Belt equivalent qualification.

Organisations can use their apprenticeship levy funding to train individuals from Yellow Belt through to Master Black Belt, with delegates earning a level 3-6 in continuous improvement. Any company which engages in this training must identify a potential EPAO to assess the training and recommend an apprenticeship be awarded to the delegate. As of today the ISSP has become one of only 7 organisations in the UK to offer this service to companies and apprenticeship training providers.

The additional benefits of using the ISSP as an EPAO is that trainee apprentices will be recognised as ISSP members from the start of their training programme and will benefit from the full range of services members can draw down from.  A dedicated area of the ISSP website will be allocated to support the apprentice assessment programme.

If you are a training provider or an individual member requiring more information about the improvement standard, or how the ISSP can help you identify a potential trainer and become your assessor please contact us at

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